At Mylapore Ganapathy’s, sevai varieties, kozhukkattai, morkali and podi idli

Mylapore Ganapathy’s, located in the Chitrakulam zone, is the go-to place for ftesh ghee and butter and a variety of snacks.
It also stocks tasty food that serves you well at lunch time.
Here is what thats sold here –
Sevai made from par-boiled rice in multiple flavours – in lemon, coconut, pulikaichal and tomato flavours. For a spicy option, there is vegetable briyani sevai.
You can even buy plain sevai too (to have it along with your home-made gravies). All these come in aluminium foil bowls –  without side dish.
You also get mani kozhukkattai, morkali, ilai adai and podi idli – in similar packs. Sweet and salt kozhukkattais are sold at piece rate.
The food is prepared, packed and delivered by Speciality Foods based in Adambakkam.
The food stock arrives at around 11.30 am and is exhausted by 3 pm. ( So if you wish to pick some up for tiffin, you can still do so after 1 p.m. here)
“If you need any items in large numbers you may place an order here a day earlier, ” says Saravanan, the proprietor of Ganapathy’s.
Mylapore Ganapathy’s is at 14, Chitrakulam West Street, Mylapore. Phones: 24640292, 8939027272.
– Photos courtesy; Speciality Foods
– Report by V. Soundararani

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