Cars, metal waste and hawker stalls cleared on South Canal Bank Road and Madha Church Road

GCC, with the security offered by local police organised an eviction drive this Feb.10 morning on South Canal Bank Road and Madha Church Road.

It was on for about three hours but since the area to cover was big to cover only some work was accomplished.

The GCC asst. engineer of Unit 126 headed the team with his workers and cleared many encroached bunks and other condemned goods that were lying on the platform for ages.

Most cars parked here for many days were locked – some were towed away by the recovery van.

GCC staff said that the drive will be continued.

Ridding these roads of dumped goods and vehicles and hawkers is welcomed by people because traffic on these roads has doubled following diversions caused by Chennai Metro work.

Incidentally, a similar drive on Mundagakanni Amman Temple Road some days ago has come to nought after hawkers got back to business in less than 12 hours.

  • Report, photo; Baskar Seshadri

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