Meetings for citizens by state agencies: what purpose is served if held on weekdays, working hours?

Do meetings like those of state agencies interacting with people or of area sabha meets led by ward councillors serve real purpose when they are held on working days and during working hours?

They serve a limited number of people, who are at home or those who can get away from work.

Take the case of the recent Makkaludan Mudhalvar meet held in Ward 126 on January 24,  from 10am to 3 pm at a GCC indoor stadium located off South Canal Bank Road, Mandavelipakkam.

Under this scheme, officers / staff of some 12/14 state departments whose services are needed by citizens, sit at face to face meets at one venue and listen to and discuss with people who raise personal issues.

The Ward 126 meet was limited to  mostly people who had issues with their tenements in what used to be Slum Board quarters or issues related to Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai ( KMUT) and those related to revenue department / disaster relief ; as per records maintained at this meet.

No petitions  were raised for Metrowater, Adi Dravida Welfare, Housing Board, TANGEDCO and other deoartments.

State officials said they were pleased with the response of people while in reality, the people who came by were limited.

Councillor Amirda Varshini said that she has requested state agencies to hold more such meets and on weekends.