Panguni festival 2024: prayers to grama devathai

This may look like a low-key ceremony for the Panguni festival of Sri Kapali Temple. But it holds a long tradition and is well respected.

Praying to the grama devathai for the conduct of the festival and for goodness to people who take part in it.

And so, on Friday, Macrh 15, a group started out from Sri Kapali Temple, with plates of fruits and flowers and saris and all that adds up as ritual offering, some 20 plates in all, went to Sri Kolavizhi Amman Temple, about less than a kilometre north east, and offered it to the goddess there.

<< WATCH VIDEO – of this ceremony

“This is a very old ritual and we practice it every year,” said the temple priest there. “The Amman is the ooru grama devathai and we always pray to her for all good things.”