This Palm Sunday procession had teens enacting Biblical scenes on carts. In Mandaveli

This is a Lenten practice which the community at CSI St. Luke’s Church in Mandaveli observes on Palm Sunday.

They take out a procession where some teens in costumes and positioned in carts symbolically hold up events that led to the death of Jesus, which is what the Lenten season is all about.

This Sunday’s Palm Sunday procession started from a church located in Adams Street, Mandaveli and passed through Mandaveli Street, St Mary’s Road, Jeth Nagar Main Road, R K Nagar 2nd Main road, School View Road and reached St Luke’s Church campus  church located in R K Mutt Road.

The congregation members in the procession carried palm leaves and sang Lenten songs.

Palm Sunday service was then celebrated here after the procession.

  • Reporting inputs by Juliana Sridhar