Water supply issues; Metrowater local area engineers say ‘normal’ flow by weekend

Metrowater’s area engineers say that water supply is being normalised in all areas in the greater Mylapore zone and normal supply will be achieved by Sunday.

They admit that larger water sourcing and supply issues did affect the area over the past fortnight and that supply is returning to normal times now.

The engineer for Unit 171 ( R K Nagar / R A Puram) said that he has gone around this morning and seen the steady flow of water, even in slum areas and promises that supply will stabilise in two days.

The core of Mylapore was badly affected and Metrowater engineers say that supply will be smooth this weekend.

The engineer at the Alwarpet unit office confirms that water supply is stabilising now.

  • Photo shows a private water lorry supplying water in R K Nagar, following severe water shortage the past week