Mylapore Hindu Permanent Fund: depositors form WA groups, one group intends to address issues legally

Every day, dozens of depositors of Mylapore Hindu Permanent Fund are turning up at its South Mada Street office, looking for answers to fears and some relief – all of them have either not received their due interests or paybacks on deposits that ended their term.

On Tuesday, at about 11 am, many who turned up saw a notice on the office gate that dampened them – the Fund had declared holidays for Ugadi and Eid and the office weekly off and stated it will open on Friday.

Meanwhile, many depositors outside Chennai are keen to join any WhatsApp group that can share updated information.

Here is the web link to one group which can be used to register and await for the Admin to okay it –

Some depositors say that since one Mariadoss, who claims to be a legal adviser to the Fund, has got himself also a member of WhatsApp groups, sensitive information cannot be shared by depositors here. Mariadoss seems to be dousing the anger and flames of his clients online.

Strangely, the Fund has not put out any official note to its depositors. “We are in the dark,” said one person based in Abiramapuram.

A small group of depositors plan to take this issue to the legal side. “We are not representing all affected depositors because many do not want to challenge the Fund and prefer to take what comes,” said a member of this group.

The Fund secretary’s reply to queries from Mylapore Times is here –


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  1. Mr. Mariados is posing himself as legal advisor of the Mylapore hindu permanent fund and has entered in the WhatsApp group where about 500 depositors are members and he has made the group to work like Team B of the management

  2. Sincere request to all indians who have dealings with cooperative banks.Going by the experiences of numerous depositors all over india please try to withdraw your hard earned money and keep it in other scheduled banks for even 1 percent interest.No manpower or will to supervise these organized loot by RBI.

  3. Karnataka Telecom CHS, Bengaluru has taken deposits from thousands of innocent public promising housing sites all over Karnataka. These depositors are waiting for decades with no sign of site or refund. The RCS, AND STATE /CENTRAL GOVERNMENTS have ignored and turned a blind eye to the problem. Many are old and infirm are unable to fight the society.

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