Summer Treats: tender coco, koozh, sabja, rose milk and more. Around Mylapore

Summer seems to have set in early this year. Daytime temperature hovers around 35 degrees. And across Mylapore, off our streets and in the market / shopping zones, summer specials crop up.

Fruits, drinks, ice-creams and water pots and more.

We feature tall the buzz spots you may want to check out. Compiled by Madhan Kumar. And we will update as we get more spots. 


This is a big-time pavement hawker on Luz Church Road, opposite Amrutanjan. Prices – Rs.30 – 40. Sometimes Rs.50. Coconuts arrive here daily, at dawn. On one morning, they were from Cuddalore and Pollachi. Sales open at 7 a.m. Get early to get the best. Don’t want to carry home three / four nuts? Take a vessel and pack the water in it!


Just the kind that cools you. Soak overnight in water, transfer into a cool drink / lime juice, whatever you like.

You can get these at any Indian marundhu shop around. Dabba Chetty on East Mada Street ( near HDFC Bank) sells them – 100 gms – Rs.50. Warning: sabja triggers cold at once so those who easily get a cold or phlegm forms in chest, must avoid using these seeds.

WATCH A VIDEO on three shops


In summer, the Raju Ko0zh Shop on Mandaveli Street, near the market zone is quite a busy joint. Koozh is priced at Rs 20. There is also butter milk ( Rs 10) and pazhaiya sadham (Rs 20 ). This shop functions from 8am To 1pm only.

You can parcel all these items, bring your own vessel.


The legendary Kalathi shop is Option No.1. Chill rose milk served in plastic bottles ( the shop did not revert to the practice of the drink served in glasses: it has continued the pandemic days practice). Available 7 days of the week, dawn to dusk. Costs Rs.20 per bottle. At the south end of East Mada Street.

WATCH a video on some of these shops here


This hawker stall comes alive at summertime, best known for musk melon juice made on the spot. Rs.20 for a glass of the cooler ( Rs.25 if you want it parceled). Gets sold out by 2 p.m. Look for this hawker stall outside the gates of CSI St Luke’s Church, R K Mutt Rd ( near BSNL’s RK Nagar offices)


One popular nungu hawker stall is set behind the Aavin booth off Madha Church Road, R. A. Puram. On sale only on weekends / Sundays; daily sales during kathri season. The group is from Koovathur, ECR; sources the fruit from that region and sells locally. Rs.100 for ten nungus.


The hugely popular single point for cone ice cream is at the entrance of Sangeetha restaurant on South Mada Street. Rs.30 per cone. Extra for the chocolate treat topping. Sold on all days.

(( )) RECOMMEND shops across Mylapore where one can get great coconuts / juices / natural coolers. Call office at 4766 2029 and share info. Or just post here.