Mandavellipakam community forms group of reps of area to address local issues

The Mandavellipakam community has formed what it calls a Core Committee Group  of 20 members to discuss local issues and engage with the local area officers / engineers and their seniors.

The members  are called Street  Representatives and they cover Ward126 in Zone 9.

 “Our aim is  to start working as a group to work for a safer and cleaner environment, “said Saroj Satyanarayan, a member. “We plan to meet once a month  and invite one official of our division to address our issues  and to get to know what these officials are doing locally.”

On May 19, the Core Committee Group invited Dr. Vijaykumar, GCC veterinary doctor for this division and Ravishankar, sanitary inspector for GCC 126 division, for a  meeting.

Two issues raised are the problems caused by stray dogs for morning walkers and local cattle owners refusing to mind their cattle, using open space and messing up. 

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  1. Very Good Effort. Contribute to the local in a more greener and environment friendly way. This model should be replicated in other areas also. Best wishes to the team

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