MTC commuters hold silent protest, seek bus shelter on Venkatesa Agraharam St.

MTC commuters who board buses in Mylapore have staged a silent, focussed protest at a make-shift bus stop last weekend.

A few of them, waiting one morning, to board buses at a ‘new’ bus stop on Venkatesa Agraharam Street, off R K Mutt Road, held up posters that asked Chennai Metro and MTC to provide a pucca shelter here.

Hundreds of people stand here to board buses that go north and west, since the regular stops in the heart of Luz and Mylapore were shut down due to barricading of this zone for Chennai Metro rail line and rail stations work.

This particular stop was at the edge pf R K Mutt Road; for weeks commuters were exposed to the searing heat since there was no shelter provided by CMRL.

After a stream of pleas, CMRL tried to erect a shelter here but stalled, after local shops protested, saying the shelter would block their facade.

The stop was shifted inwards but efforts to erect a shelter here have also been thwarted and no progress made.

  • Photo: Baskar Seshadri