Marina Loop Road needs bus shelters, speed breakers. Heavy traffic pose dangers

Marina Loop Road needs lots of attention from CMRL, MTC and GCC, all state agencies.

More so now, after Chennai Metro work on the rail line which has advanced southwards from the Light House point, has led to traffic diversion on to the Loop Road which runs alongside the sandside of the beach.

The road has always been in the news for various issues. Sale of fish by women on and off the road, expansion of the road to take heavy traffic, beautificaion and such issues.

Two issues now worry residents and motorists.

One, the need for better temporary bus shelters now that MTC buses headed to Adyar side,  are diverted at the Light House point, to take this road. Only one shelter exists. Commuters and residents in the thickly populated kuppams request two more bus shelters.

The second issue – need for speed breakers now that the traffic is steady and thick during peak hours, and buses and lorries use this road.

Since the area is populated and many people use the road, speed breakers are needed urgently, at least near bus stops, say some people.

One local councillor, Amirda Varshini, got a speed breaker set up on the south side some months ago. Nothing more has been done.

  • File photo used here shows scene on a busy Sunday fish sales day