Doctors study data on patients at community clinic in R. A. Puram. Interesting observations on diabetes

How can a small community hospital become a dynamic environment for application of knowledge
and clinical study?

What is going on at the community clinic which caters to R. A. Puram residents and is managed by RAPRA, the local association is interesting.

Dr. P. R. Parthasarathy, the physician in charge of the clinic and Dr. C. Senthilnathan, eye surgeon (at Ramana Eye Centre) conducted a study on data of people who frequented the clinic.

They looked at the basic investigations and how these could prevent complications among diabetic patients. Ten diabetic patients under the vulnerable category were identified and
were closely monitored and medicated to control their diabetes.

These patients were screened for diabetic retinopathy and nephropathy with basic investigations like retinal examination and a routine urine test for albumin-creatinine ratio.

A few observations made by the doctors, based on this study:
1. There is low awareness among diabetic patients about the complications that the disease can cause.
2. Longer the duration and poorer the control of diabetes – bigger the chances of diabetic complications.
3. Examination of retina and urine helped in citing early warning of diabetic
4.Improper diet is a core reason for poor control of diabetes.

Dr. R. Chandrasekaran, president of RAPRA said that this mini study will go a long way for more clinical studies on diseases which can then help in treating people at small and  community clinics.

The RAPRA clinic, which is free for local residents is at “Mukkani Flats”, No 2, 7th Main Road, R.A.Puram. Phone: 9444008550