Mess for breakfast, tiffin opens in heart of Mylapore

Foodies of Mylapore may have known Easwari mami who ran a mess  in the heart of Mylapore for long years.
Her son Venkata Narayanan aka Ganesh was assisting her fifteen years. Later, he launched Gowthama Mess.
This mess was Initially located on South Mada Street and later moved to Venkatesa Agraharam Street.
Now,  Ganesh had opened a new kitchen in Thatchi Arunachalam Street ( once known as Rottikaaran Street) .
This mess opens around 7.30 am and serves breakfast. Tiffin food is served in the evenings; service is open till about 9 p.m.
Ganesh says he has plans to offer lunch soon.
Gowthama Foods is at No 55 , Thachi Arunachalam Street , Mylapore. Ph: 97102 33556. This place is at the end of Chitrakulam North Street, parallel to New Street.
– Report, photo; Baskar Seshadri