Finale of year-long events to mark centenary of ‘Kartik’ Rajagopal, founder of Karik Fine Arts

Kartik Fine Arts sabha, in its 50th year, is holding the finale of its celebration of its late founder ‘Kartik Rajagopal’s centenary year with an event this evening at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 6 pm onwards.

A short film on Rajagopal’s life and work for the sabha he founded will be screened.

Theatre veterans Bombay Gnanam and TV Varadarajhen are to be decorated with awards. An award is also being given to dance-drama director-producer Geetha Narayanan who has featured children in her productions.

The evening ends with a stand-up comedy. This event is open to all.

  • Photo courtesy; The Hindu

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