Aadi dawns but Amman temples remain closed due to pandemic rules

July 16 is the first day in the month of Aadi.

And in normal circumstances, all the temples dedicated to the Amman would have witnessed a flurry of rituals and devotees gathering inside through the day.

But this morning, as we did the rounds of three temples – Sri Mundagakanni Amman Temple, Angala Parameswari Temple and Kolaviazhi Amman Temple, we found the gates of the temple shut.

Since late March, when the pandemic broke out all over state regulations asked for places of worship to be closed to the public. Poojas and other daily rituals can be carried out by the priests inside.

At Sri Mundagakanni Amman Temple, Mylapore, a staff there says, “None of the festivities associated with the month of Aadi such as paal kudam and pongal making will be held this year due to the lockdown. We have however been conducting poojas regularly. Abhishekams are held in the morning and afternoon everyday”.

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  1. Helen Christina Xavier says:

    But in a temple near my place there was some drumbeats and music for brief period yesterday evening and today mornng.

    That was so heartening!! I went out to see whats up and it was silent again!!

    Maybe a way of celebrating by drumbeats and keeping the spirits of devotees high with celebratory air!!

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