Two men found dead in drain in Srinivasapuram

Two men were found dead in a sewage drain off the tenements inside Srinivasapuram, off Foreshore Estate this evening.

Police from the local station who reported at the scene moved the bodies for post mortem.

Earlier, the buzz that went around the thickly-inhabited colony was that the men had got into the drains to clean it and were axphyxiated.

However, local police later said that the cause of death is not clear – were the men imbibing liquor and accidentally fallen into the same drain or were they clearing a sewage block and succumbed to poisoned air there.

A day later, police said that the two men were engaged by another person to clear the blocked drain and that one man collapsed after he went down the drain and the other, who wanted to rescue also got axphyiated.

The man who engaged the two has been arrested and a case registered.

One Comment on “Two men found dead in drain in Srinivasapuram”

  1. Sir,

    Whatever be the cause of their end, this practice of humans getting in sewage manholes is absolutely against basic human rights.

    Is there any group which crusades against this?
    We are in age of robots.. In Japan, the robots are helping in decontaminations of sites around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power plant which leaked after March 2011 earth quake and tsunami.
    Presently robots reach places where radiation is to high to carry out decontamination.

    Why cant we get something like robots in place for such works or completely think of humane ways to clean and dispose sewage?

    Mostly privatisations can help a lot as startups can be roped in.
    This is my view ,but we can come up with more such innovative projects to stop human conservancy works…..I may be wrong,though!

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