Nature Walk at the Adyar Poonga

A walk was held as part of the Madras Day celebration at Adyar Poonga on August 21. It was organised by Madras Naturalist Society and Adyar Poonga.

The walk began at 6.30 a.m. inside the park located in Greenways Road. About 10 members participated in the walk.

Preston Ahimaz guided the participants around the Poonga. He helped them to explore the park and explained the history of it. Participants were also told about why the government has undertaken this eco project and how it is been done.

Preston Ahimaz is the Head Environment Education, Pitchandikulam Forest Consultant.

Seen in the picture is Preston (right) along with the other participants of the walk. Click here for more picture of the Madras Day event that took place during the week.

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