Brahma Kumaris open space for meditation, discourses

The Brahma Kumaris, pioneers in teaching Rajayoga meditation have opened a new branch in Mylapore at 111, Dev Regency, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai on October 18. It was inaugurated by Rajathi Ammal, wife of the chief minister.

This branch is opened specifically for corporate executives who spend long hours in the office resulting in tension and stress.

Volunteers here say that  meditation improves the quality of thinking and helps to mitigate the stress due to negative thinking.  This space offers the way for exploring this.

The Brahma Kumaris offer a one week basic course on Rajayoga at any time between 5.30 a.m – 8 p.m throughout the week. The advanced course features divine discourses conducted everyday.

There will also be lectures cum video sessions over the weekends on positive thinking and self realisation.

The space also has a meditation room where spiritual aspirants can spend their time in silence and introspection.

A stall sells books on Rajayoga, self realization, CDs and DVDs. For further details, contact 24426660 / 9940618122