Eco products, crafts and health foods

You may have the Isha lifestyle space which was launched in Mylapore in April. A neighbour of the famed Rangachari Cloth Store, Isha has a spa, a restaurant and a fitness space.

It also has a space for shoppers and offers a variety of products.

The Isha boutique offers handmade crafts like trays, baskets, table mats and the famous Pathamadai mats. There are also herbal and vegetable-based face lotions, shampoos, soaps and scented candles.

Then there are jute bags, lamps, stone and copper ‘urlis’, pooja tables, T- shirts and kurtas for men and women and natural dye-based shirts. The shop also has small pieces of furniture – side-tables and garden benches.

They also sell health products of the ‘Isha Ruchi’ brand like ragi flour, dosa mix, cholam mix, kanji mix, natural honey, ragi biscuits, health drinks and multi grain food packs.

You can also shop for a variety of home-made foodstuffs like sambar and idli podi powders.

For more info call 4353 5555/ 2499 1757. Isha is at 117, Luz Church Road, Mylapore.