Obit: K.S. Venkataraman

Veteran arts promoter and sabha manager K. S. Venkataraman passed away on December 13 evening after a prolonged illness. He was 67.

Venkataraman was the secretary of the well known Mylapore Fine Arts Club (MFAC), a post he held for over three decades ( since 1974).

KSV was ailing for sometime and was not seen at the sabha for weeks. He could not attend the sabha’s December season festival’s opening evening.

KSV took over the reigns of MFAC after its founder ‘Kartik’ Rajagopal who established it moved on. He was a low-profile sabha manager but kept an eagle’s eye on the affairs of the sabha and spent the entire day on the campus during the ‘season’.

He could be straight and snappy when things became hot and he could be humorous and friendly when all was well, with artistes, rasikas or people. And he could never be parted with the betel leaves!

Through the highs and lows, KSV made sure the sabha’s activities were managed well and MFAC was the preferred sabha in the Mylapore area.

The funeral was held on Tuesday morning. Later that evening, MFAC president Nalli Kuppuswamy led a short condolence meeting. A garlanded portrait of KSV greeted rasikas at the gate.

Perhaps the sabha can also provide a book in which rasikas can record their tributes and anecdotes. The KSV family’s contact is – 2971 1919