Obit: S. Vadivelu

S. Vadivelu, a resident of Mylapore passed away on November 20 at the age of 81.
Vadivelu retired as Public Relations Officer of ICF.

He began his career as a clerk at Jamshedpur and rose through sheer hard work and commitment to the post of Publicity Inspector st ICF before going on to become the Pro at ICF, Chennai.

He had a good flair for English and wrote many letters to newspapers including the Mylapore Times.

He was the moving spirit behind his grand children competing in several contests and spent considerable time helping them to plan for the contests.

Vadivel was the editor of the ICF magazine, Rail Coach”. He was the person who took the lead in selecting the pictures for the ICF calendar every year. A lover of music, he came from a family in which his father taught music at Pudukottai.

“He wanted so much to write and publish a book and kept saying so. Unfortunately we have no idea where he has kept it,” say his daughters.

Vadivelu leaves behind his wife Saraswathi and 3 daughters, Uma Maheswari, Anuradha, Sangeetha.

The family lives at 19/11, Justice Sundaram Road, Mylapore.