Obit: Dr. Narasimhachari Padma

Dr. Narasimhachari Padma passed away in Chennai on January 12 at the age of 85.

She was the daughter of the late R. Narasimhchari, a well known company lawyer in Chennai.

She grew up in Mylapore and attended the National Girls’ High School (later known as Lady Sivaswami Girls’ High School). After completing her intermediate degree in Queen Mary’s College, Padma received her BA Honours degree in Mathemtics from the Presidency College.

She went on to receive a Ph.D in mathematics from the University of Madras in 1951, one of the earliest women to do so.

She worked on Different Manifolds for her doctorate under a famous mathematician, Dr. Vaidyanadaswamy.

Dr. Padma was a trend setter in every stage of her career. After working as a Reader in Mathematics in Annamalai University for a few years, she received a Fullbright Scholarship to pursue her post doctoral studies at the University of Chicago in 1956.

She continued her teaching career in the United States, first at the Connectiut College for Women and later at the Central Connecticut State University.

She lived in New Britain, Conecticut for over four decades and was a well known and respected figure in the community.

She worked tirelessly for the advancement of women in education especially in Mathematics and was considered by many women in Chennai and in Connecticut as a role model.

She leaves behind her only sister, Dr. Radha Ravi Rajan who followed in her footsteps teaching mathematics and becoming the principal of the United Nations International School in New York.

The family lives at 17/4 Krishnaswamy Avenue, Mylapore. Ph: 4266 8583.