Obit: Margabandhu Ganapathy

Margabandhu Ganapathy (85), father of G. Giridharan passed away at his residence on January 26.

He had been a resident of Mylapore for several decades. A great Vedic scholar himself, he went on to become the President of the Veda Adhyayana Sabha, Mylapore which imparts Vedic knowledge to students. He personally supervised the Adhyayana activities of the Sabha.

His interest in Vedas and Shastras reflected in his everyday lifestyle wherein he followed the prescribed tenets scrupulously.

The most commendable of his was the compilation and publication of a series of books which are the ‘code of conduct’ per se of Hindu religion which he did along with a few other Vedic scholars. These elucidate the purpose and meaning of the various rituals and homams ordained in the shastras and the 41 Samskaras, which are performed from the birth to death of a Hindu.

He is survived by his son, three daughters and their families

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