Birth centenary of Dr. K. Ramaswami: veteran homoeopathy doctor

The birth centenary of Dr. K. Ramaswami Iyengar, a veteran homoeopathy doctor was celebrated on July 11. He used to work out of Palace Road, San Thome.

Ramaswami was born on July 11, 1911 to Pushpam and R. Krishnaswami in Mangudi, situate 10 kms away from Kumbakonam.

His father was the Inspector of schools in the then composite State of Madras Presidency.

After graduation Ramaswami came to Madras and joined in the electricity board. He later started his own electrical and radio laboratory in Luz Corner. He had been a resident of Mylapore since 1944.

His passion for serving society made him join Homoeopathy classes run by Madras Presidency Homoeopathy Association. He started his own clinic and gave free treatment in this neighbourhood.

Ramaswami did a research on Dr. Bach’s Flower remedies. He used this medicine to cure a lot of people. He has cured psychiatric problems like anger, shock, fear and absent mindedness.

He learnt transcendental meditation from Sri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Ramaswami has also written a series of articles in a Tamil weekly. He has also published his book on Homoeopathy, which includes first aid using homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies, nalam tharum marundhugal.

His clinic was located in Palace Road near Rosary Matric Girls School and was later closed after his death. He also played the violin.

He was married to Rajalaksmi in 1936 and had 6 children. He passed away on November 8, 1995 at the age of 84.

He is survived by his sons R. Sampath, R. Srinivasn, R. Rajagopalan and daughters Vaijayanthi Aravamudhan and Lakshmi Mukundar.

The family can be reached at 62, Nadu Street, Mylapore. Ph: 2493 7868.

Contributed by R. Rajagopalan

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  1. Hi sir…this is Kavitha…I want a copy of his book published in the yr 1985 June abt nalam tharum marundhugal & malar marundhugal abt homeopathy medicines….this books photocopy I needs….could u pls send me…thanks in advance

    1. அவருடைய மலர் மருந்துகள் புத்தகம் Tamil Bookman website ல் கிடக்கின்றது. நான் இன்று ஒன்று வாங்கினேன்

  2. I also need a copy- Original or scanned pdf file to be sent to my email:
    (1) Nalam Tharum Marunthukal

    I can pay to the sender the cost by Money Order also.

    He used to send me Medicines by Post.
    Dr Ramasamy made me to take initiative to learn & use Homeopathy Medicines for my Family

  3. I approached Dr.Ramaswami during 1987 for treating my eplicy set back.He was kind enough to give homeoMedicine free of. Cost for three years.After taking his medicine I did not got eplicyI am now 83years.Iremember him always.Great soul.

  4. Respected Sir,

    I have read his books and once met him at his palace road home and took medicine. I thank you very much for this small but beautiful bio-data of this eminent man.
    V. Rangachari, Journalist, 9283226262.

    1. Great Sir. I need a copy of Dr. K Ramaswami’s book about Homeopathy Medicines , that was published by Dinamani Kathir in 1984 or 1985. Is this book copy available to take photocopy sir?

      1. I want to have acopy of his books malar marunthugal and Nallam tharum marunthugal.By Dr.K.Ramasamy.
        Can anybody help me to get a copy

    2. Hi sir,

      This is Jay, even i’m looking for a copy of those books, please do let me know whether you got it.
      As you have mentioned you have ready his books, could you please let me know whether you still have the book with you?
      I’m reachable @+1(484)8869526 /


    3. Good morning sir,
      I am Sridhar from Pondicherry. I am also looking for the same book. If you have kindly share a copy.
      Thanks and regards
      Sridhar. Jambunathan

    4. Namesthae sir .This is Premalatha.G I want to a copy of his books Malar marunthugal, Nallam Tharum marunthugal, about homeopathy medicine that was Published by Dinamani kathir in 1984 or1985.Is this book copy available to photocopy sir .thank u
      I’m reachable 9963829349.
      Thanks and regards 😊

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