MLA takes stock of garbage collection problem

Mylapore MLA, R. Rajalakshmi made a tour of the neighbourhood on July 11 to ascertain how garbage is cleared and the problems people face.

N. Subramonia Pillai, Zonal In-charge, Neel Metal Fanalca, Zone 10, accompanied her.

She took a look at the garbage bins and the waste that was found at street cornersĀ  in various parts of this area.

“I have requested the zonal manager of Neel Metal to increase the frequency of garbage collection and clearing, she says.

“I have also requested the Corporation official to clear the desbris that is dumped on pavements. This is to facilitate pedestrians,” she added.

3 Comments on “MLA takes stock of garbage collection problem”

  1. Dear Madam,
    We really appreciate that you want to help us all to have clean surroundings which will promote good health. We have a beautiful flat in Solaiappan Street but due to the overflowing, filthy garbage bin (near the junction of Kesavaperumal Street), giving out a bad odour, we cannot even open the window. The ragpickers also dig into the bins and overturn them, as a result of which the dirt is scattered all over the road.With dengue and other diseases on the rise, this will certainly multiply the risk of disease.Our Ministers undertake foreign tours but, but do not educate the people on the importance of cleanliness and hygene. The corporation garbage clearance lorries, which are open, add to the foul smell, forcing people to close their noses in disgust. In your busy, schedule, please spare a moment to visit our road at 7.30 am in the morning and you will undersgtand what I am saying. Your kind intervention and help would be greatly appreciated.Above all, people should be educated about the importance of maintaining a clean environment.
    Uma Shankar

  2. Dear Madam
    Thank you for your initiative. I am glad to know that you are taking steps to improve the environment.
    I am a resident of R.A.Puram. I would like to bring to your notice that the area at second cross street R.A.Puram around the transformer is dirty and filled with garbage. People keep dumping garbage and urinating in the area even after being repeatedly told not to. The area stinks and we are not able to open our windows because of that. This has been the case for a long time and we in the neighbourhood are helpless and distressed on account of this. We would really appreciate it if you could arrange for clearing the garbage and building a fence around the area where the transformer is located so that the problem of strangers urinating and dumping of garbage can be averted. The transformer is located at the corner of R.A.Puram Second Cross Street at the intersection of 4th main road. Please do the needful.
    1 Saravana Bava,
    9 Second Cross Street
    Chennai- 28

  3. The road corner around Justice Sundaram Road near the Andhra Mahila Sabha women’s hostel makes quite a picture with several overflowing bins and the water from garbage which Neel Metal efficiently drains on the road corner itself. The stink around the place is unbelievable. It makes a very good place to study micro-organisms of various types. Although several complaints has been lodged formally, nothing has been done about it.

    Even without the monsoons, it is impossible to walk around that corner and come September the road is going to be flooded with rain water and the garbage water. Can someone do something about this please?

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