Obit: N. R. Rajagopalan

N. R. Rajagopalan, chartered accountant, philanthropist and a resident of Mylapore for over 5 decades passed away on Jan.27. He was 83.

He was born in a small village called Polur in Thiruvannamalai District.

Rajagopalan struggled through a difficult childhood and emerged successfully as one of the leading auditors in Chennai, says a family member.

He was the President of Lions Club of Chennai in 1988.

He gave up his thriving practice at the age of 50 to follow a life in social service and was the founder trustee of Child’s Trust Hospital with Dr. M. S. Ramakrishnan.

He was conferred the ‘Seva Ratna’ award by then President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma in recognition of his social service.

He was fondly known as NRR.

He is survived by his wife Chinni Rajagopal. She can be reached at Ram Sadhan, 14/27, D’ Silva Road, Mylapore. Ph: 2499 2202.

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