Police suspect politician in murder of youth

Bilal, aged 28 was found dead on Sringeri Mutt Road near Mandaveli MRTS station on Wednesday, March 14. He was a resident of Tamil Nadu Housing Board Complex, Pilliyar Koil Thottam, Mylapore.

Police sources say that Billa was kidnapped near his house and was later murdered. They also stated that Bilal had been receiving death threats.

Joint Commissioner Seshasai, Deputy Commissioner of Mylapore T. K. Puhalenthi and Srinivasan, Inspector, Abhiramapuram Police Station are investigating this case.

Police suspect the reason for the murder to be revenge.

In December 2011, Billa had eloped with R. S. Manivannan’s daughter last December. Manivannan, a resident of R. K. Mutt Road and ex-councillor and a member of the PMK party, had lodged a police complaint.

During the station enquiry Manivannan stabbed Bilal’s brother Ahmed Basha, at the police station. Manivannan was arrested and later, came out on bail. Some policemen were also issued memos for Manivannan had used a weapon of the police station.

The police are said to be searching for Manivannan, a key suspect.