It rained but water stagnates

Showers on Thursday in the city may have brought some relief to people but they created recurring civic problems for Mylapore’s residents.

Here is a glimpse of how the neighbourhood looked, after the rains.

Water stagnation was still the predominant problem in many parts.

Puddles of water were seen at R. K. Mutt Road, San Thome High Road and V. C. Garden 1st Street.

The Mandaveli Bus Terminus was no exception. It was almost flooded with rain water.

A manhole at Mandaveli 2nd Trust Cross Street (near Airtel office), started leaking and was emitting foul smell.

Residents here say that this has been the situation for the last 5 years.

Every time it rains this manhole starts leaking and sewage flows out, says a resident.

A few corporation workers from ward 126 were seen doing their rounds in the area. They started clearing stagnate water and blocked holes.

Photo caption anti clockwise from top: Water puddle at V. C. Garden 1st Street, Manhole at Mandaveli 2nd Trust Cross Street, Corporation workers of ward 126; flooded Mandaveli Bus Terminus.