Narayaneeyam classes at Alwarpet

Bhama Krishnan, who has taught ‘Narayaneeyam’ in various locations in Chennai, will be conducting classes at Alwarpet area, from Sep.18.

It will be held from 11a.m.  to 1p.m. The 1036 Narayaneeyam Sanskrit shlokas will be taught, with tamil meanings.

There will be three classes a week and the shlokas are scheduled to be completed in three to four months.

For details contact: 97909 44800.

5 Comments on “Narayaneeyam classes at Alwarpet”

  1. i would like to learn narayaneeyam. kindly give me the nearest address. I am staying in nangallur. i am available on saturday evening and sundays.

    regards krishnan

  2. I would like to learn Narayaneeyam (not musical). I have already read it 3-4 times on my own. However, I would like to learn the same from a guru. I am a retiree of 65 years of age. I can read and pronounce Sanskrit.

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