Obit: Adayapalam Rangaraja Dikshithar

Adayapalam Rangaraja Dikshithar passed away on Sept.30. He was 105 years old.

He was a longtime resident of Mylapore. He studied Sanskrit and Vedas at Madurai.

He lost his vision at 90 but continued to draw out horoscopes with nakshathra as the only detail, says a friend.

He had an accident in 2007and was bedridden ever since.

He is survived by his son Sairam. The family can be reached at 19, Kesavaperumal Sannadhi Street, Mylapore.

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  1. Note with much respects about passing away of Dikshitar after long and worthy life. Note that he was resident of Mylapore for long time.He was doing yeoman service.


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