Actor S. V. Shekher complains to city police about ‘attacks’ by Hindu outfit

Actor-director and politician S. V. Shekher, a Mylaporean has filed a plaint with the Chennai City Commissioner of Police saying that a Hindu group has been defaming him at protests and on public banners.

He says that the group has taken objection to the content of his play ‘ Mahabharathatil Mangaatha’ and that in public banners, an image of his head has been fixed on to the body of a pig.

Shekher also says that the outfit has organised protests at sabha halls where the play has been staged in recent times.

The play is an old one and has been staged for years but the reason for the objections could be more political in nature.

Shekher has changed his political affiliation many times. He was once a MLA of the AIADMK party representing the Mylapore Assembly constituency, but was left in the cold and was later seen warming up to the DMK.

He lives in Mandavelipakkam and his house has been stoned on many occasions.


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