Small group of Mylaporeans prepare for Chennai Marathon

In August of this year, there was a call for entries to The Wipro Chennai Marathon neighborhood challenge wherein everyday residents of the locality were invited to sign up for the program and run a 10 Km race organized by the Chennai Runners on December 1st, 2013.

The hosts received an enthusiastic response and several people sent in entries with interesting reasons on why they want to run.

At least a dozen runners are now part of the Mylapore team training for The Wipro Chennai Marathon. They indeed form a diverse and spirited group. To name a few, the Bhaswar family, composed of a husband, wife and college-going daughter trio, a mother and son combination where the son is a 13 year old bundle of energy and a quiet, but determined senior citizen – a retired woman who is running to raise awareness for cancer.

Says Sandeep Verma, a social media buff, a local resident and a neighborhood challenge runner – ‘I love my training and can’t wait for December 1st to finish my race strongly and then motivate all my friends on Facebook to run as well’. Meenakshi, wife of a Chennai Runner ( the group behind the Chennai Marathon) who took to this program to train to be a long distance runner so she gets to run with her husband on all his international marathons, says – ‘It’s been an exciting ride so far. I love the mix of long runs, short sprint training and strength workouts. To top it all, representing my locality at the event is very gratifying.’

The Wipro Chennai Marathon to be run on December 1st, 2013 is accepting charity registrations till November 6th. If you still haven’t registered, and register now


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