New Guinness record by keyboard students of M. S. Martin

A new Guinness world record was recently attempted by 229 school children, students of M. S. Martin’s group named ‘Mellifluous Melodies’. They performed a 2-hour musical concert called ‘Samarpan’ for world peace at the Chennai Convention Center in the presence of playback singer S. Janaki, businessperson Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti, and playback singer A. R. Reihanah.

The Guinness authorities have now formerly handed over the Guinness World Record Certificate to Martin at the Music Academy, where the children performed a shortened version of the program. This is the second Guinness record created by him and his disciples in 2 years.

The school is located at 3, 2nd Main Road, CIT Colony, Mylapore. Email:

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