Nilgiris supermarket back on R. K. Salai

The supermarket is located next to the flyover, opposite to Jammi buildings. Inaugurated on September 12, this is a franchisee operation managed by VNS Superr Mart. Housing a bakery zone near the entrance, the spacious store has neatly labelled sections clearly segregating juices, baby care products, disinfectants, soups, pet food, masalas and spices and so on. The grocery aisle stocks products made by in-house brand Nilgiris like flour, rice, wheat and more. A separate alcove has shelves dedicated to household utility items.

Valet parking is available. Open all days from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. At 36, Dr. R. K. Salai, Mylapore. Ph: 28113255.

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