Celebrating Sri Sankara Jayanthi

This is how three groups in the Mylapore area will be celebrating Sri Sankara Jayanthi this year:

The festivities at Mylai Vaidaika Mahajana Sabha will start off with the Ganapathi homam on Apr 19 followed by a Navagraha homan on Apr 20 and a Sudharshana homam on Apr 22. Daily events include veda parayanam and an abhishekam for the deity followed by a deepa aradhanai. On Apr 23, an annadanam will be held after the Maha Rudra homam. The celebrations end with a veedi perappadu in the evening. At 26, Chitrakulam North Street, Mylapore. Ph: 24957195.

At Sri Sankara Gurukulam, special abhisekhams, poojas, aradhanai, veda parayanam and recitals of guru Adi Shankara’s works have been planned from Apr 19. Discourses on Advaita philosophy will be held in the evening from Apr 15 – 23. On Apr 23, Sri Adi Sankara’s idol will be taken in a procession around the main streets of the Gurukulam. At No. 8, C. P. Ramaswamy Street, Abhiramapuram. Ph: 9940049726, 24996433.

Mylapore Veda Adhyayana Sabha will be celebrating Sankara Jayanthi from Apr 13 – 23. A veda parayanam will be held everyday – headed by the sabha’s advisor Swaminatha Ganapadigal and assisted by the sabha’s vidyapakar – Nandakumar Ganapadigal. On Apr 14, retired principal of Sanskrit College, Mylapore – Seshadrinatha Sastrigal will participate in a panchanga padanam event. The festivities will end with Rudra Ekadasi on Apr 23. At 22, Pitchu Pillai Street, Mylapore. Ph: 9566262634.

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