Mridangam repair

IMG_1753Navaneethakrishnan runs a Mridangam repair shop on Warren Road. The shop has been running for about 20 years now. Navaneethakrishnan picked up the trade from his dad, Muruganandam.

You can place an order for a new mridangam here or fix repairs in your existing mridangam.

Says Navaneethakrishnan ‘ Three types of leather is needed to make each mridangam – cow, buffalo and goat. In my dad’s days, we used to get the leather and stretch and cure it on local grounds. Now, since the grounds have been cleaned up, we are not allowed to use them for stretching. So we buy processed skins from places like Ambur and Andhra. This adds in to our prices.’ Still, it is his passion and he enjoys making music.

For more details, call the store at 24957742, 9444303221. The shop is located at J1/2 Visalakshi Garden, Warren road, Mylapore.

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