Organic store at Mandaveli

Organic Aryan 2If you follow a diet which regularly includes millets, then a stop at Aaryan Store, Mandaveli will be interesting to you. The shop deals exclusively in organic products. A selection of millets like kuthiraivali, varagu, saamai, in their whole or flour form, are available with many brands to choose from. For a quick meal, choose any sevai made from different types of millets. Also displayed are organic body soaps, sherbets like lemon, nannari and more.

Organic pickles, juices, spices, packets of soups, corn flakes, cookies made from millets are all part of the inventory. The store is located at 70Z, Mandaveli Street, Mandaveli (Opp Sri Subam marriage hall). Ph: 24935595.

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