Traffic police act against share autos at Luz Circle

Chennai City Traffic Police say they are hauling up share autos who park in the middle of then road to pick up passengers at the Luz Circle bus stops. In a note posted on their FB page, it says – a special drive was conducted by the Inspector of Police, E1 Mylapore Traffic Police station and booked 2 cases and levied Rs.200/- as fine amount against share autos causing obstruction. The Inspector of Police is instructed to patrol frequently on those areas to prevent such kind of violations.

This was done in response to a online complaint.

Share autos originate from Luz Circle and go to T Nagar/K K Nagar and have a big demand. They now park themselves along the dividers meant to regulate MTC buses at the three bus stops opposite old Kamadhenu theatre. This hampers smooth flow of traffic.

Commuters say the autos can be parked alongside the pavement, not on the main road.

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