Sporadic rain shows up civic issues; in San Thome

MT SAN THM RD AUG 2Recent rains are showing up some civic problems that plague the neighborhood. On Sunday, even as the pitter patter of the rain which had started early in the morning continued past 7 a.m., there were pools of water on both sides of San Thome High Road.

Now, during the past few days this busy road has been scraped up and one side of it has been relaid.

But what seems to be neglected in this road’s development are the edges – the carriageway which is normally cemented is just not there. Which means, rainwater stagnates along the edges and this hastens the damages, with water creating and then widening potholes.

One does not find any openings to drain the water all along the sides of the road.

Imagine the situation when the monsoon arrives.


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