Weekend Artists group celebrates at its favourite venue – park in Luz

All kinds of community groups make good use of Nageswara Rao Park in Luz. Yoga practioners, Laugh therapy groups, walkers, music rasikas and bored salespeople.

On Sunday last though, members of the Chennai Weekend Artists (CWA) got together for twin purposes – to sketch and paint on the spot which is what the group does most Sundays, and to celebrate three years of the group’s life.

At the end of the Sunday morning creative exercise, the CWA members got together to cut a colorful cake and share it.

The park is among the artists’ favorite haunts. This is an informal group open to all ages – members choose a venue for a weekend meet and hone their creative skills on the spot. Check the CWA on its Facebook page. – https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChennaiWeekendArtists/

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