Eating out this weekend – Bohri and Lebanese food at Alwarpet



EATING OUT BOHRIThe Bohri Muslim sect have their origins in Yemen and have settled in major parts of Gujarat and other states of India. Bohri cuisine, with its rich flavours, has a lot of Arabic and Middle Eastern accents to its dishes.

The meal is normally served on a big plate (called a thaal), to be eaten seated on the floor. Now, you can sample some food items of this cuisine. The Bohri Kitchen is a restaurant based in Mumbai and brings the Bohri food to Chennai, at Alwarpet. In Bohri fasion, guests are seated on chairs or sofa and food is served on a thaal placed on a table.

Sample chicken starters, main courses – rice / biryani / pulav , raan ( goat leg marinated in typical Bohri spices) and more over a 5-6 course meal. 6 group sessions till Oct 11 for lunch and dinner. At Ashvita Bistro, No. 11, Bawa Road, Alwarpet. Call 9791088189 for reservations as bookings will be taken in batches.


EATING OUT LEBANESEExpat Chef Ahmed Ammouri has put together a menu of Lebanese foods at Colony restaurant, The Raintree, St. Mary’s Road. The menu will feature  mezzes like tabbouleh, fattoush, hummus; main course delicacies of Lebanese lamb chops, Bajegan moussaka, chicken Shavarma and falafel wraps and desserts such as baklava, ma’moul, umali and basboosa.  Served buffet-style and priced at Rs. 1,450 for non-alcoholic and Rs. 1,850 for alcoholic, exclusive of taxes.  For queries contact 42252525.

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