Recycle old glass and plastic ware into cool new products

Goli Soda has a new project for this Navarathiri.  Called Navarathiri Upcycle, this project can turn your old junk into some cool products  – coasters from motherboards, earrings from PET bottle plastic and more. Drop off 9 items listed below and the designers will upcycle them into cool new products.

1. Pet bottles
2. Glass bottles (liquor and wine only)
3. Glass jars
4. Old cloth (Sarees, bedsheets and curtains)
5. Denim (Denim jackets, pants and shorts)
6. Flex and vinyl banners
7. Newspapers
8. Invitations and greeting cards
9. Old audio tapes (with boxes) and CDs (without boxes).
Drop them off at Goli Soda, #11, Bawa Road, Alwarpet. Ph: 42031962
*The things that you drop should be washed and in usable condition.
*Drop off  between 11am- 9pm.





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