More and more Mylaporeans keen to repair rain-water harvesting system on eve of monsoon

Rain water harvesting expert Sekhar Raghavan of the Rain Centre, Mandavelipakkam says he is getting many calls from Mylaporeans who want to get their RWH units repaired or want to construct RWH wells so as to tap the rain when the monsoon sets in.

But most of the calls are from small campuses of flats in crowded areas where space to sink wells is limited. But these people seem enthusiastic, says Sekhar.

This week, he and his team will inspect five premises in Mylapore to help decide what kind of RWH systems are needed in these places.

Mylapore Times has been running a campaign for 4 weeks now on RWH. ( The web link is on

Sekhar says new RWH systems can be set up even after the monsoon begins.

Rain Centre contact – 9677043869.

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