Pizza parlours do brisk business during the rain

Most people chose to snuggle in during the rains – and turned to comfort food while doing so. The pizza parlours in the area saw more than average calls for home deliveries.

Anand is the assistant manager at Dominos Pizza at R. A. Puram. ‘ We were very busy on Saturday and Sunday. We got so many orders for delivery that we almost ran out of stock’ he says. ‘ Did his delivery boys have any issues taking the food to the customers? ‘Oh yes. I had some boys whose bikes broke down, got punctured or just wouldn’t move in the water. They had to take the pizza to the customers by foot’ he says.

The Pizza Hut on Dr. R. K. Salai stayed open and busy too. ‘ While there were no customers dining in, we got many orders for home delivery’ says Karthik, who manages the store.