Soorasamharam at Sri Kapali Temple

soorasamharam pictureSeveral shaivaite temples in the Mylapore area celebrated skanda sasti with great vigour this week. At Sri Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Mylapore, on Nov 17,  the day started off with an abhishekam for the deity Murugan followed by a special alankaram.

In the evening, more than 1000 devotees gathered at North Mada Street, Mylapore to witness Soorasamharam – the divine act of the deity Murugan killing the demon Soorapadman. Later the deity was carried into the temple on a peacock vahanam.

The celebrations ended on Nov 18 with an ekadina laksharchanai in the morning followed by the thirukalyanam in the evening.