Corporation workers spray bleaching powder at Krishnapuri, R. A. Puram

Corporation spraying bleaching powder at krishnapuriResidents of Krishnapuri, R. A. Puram are a relieved lot. Something is finally being done about the stench that has gripped their area for more than 10 days.

Lakshman Rao, a resident, says, “Since the rains on Dec 1, the whole area has been messy. Garbage is strewn everywhere and the stench is unbearable. I called the Corporation office yesterday and they sent a team of 7 workers from Palladam, Tirupur today morning to spray bleaching powder”.

Lakshman Rao also hopes that the garbage and the silt taken out from the storm water drains is removed soon. He says “The silt is laying in heaps in our neighbourhood. It has to removed soon as it may get into the drains and choke the system again”.