Chennai Bird Race to be held on Jan 26

The bird race, conducted by the Madras Naturalists’ Society, is a dawn-to-dusk event where experienced and budding birdwatchers spend a whole day spotting and identifying birds in an attempt to record as many species of birds as possible. At the Chennai Bird Race, teams of four fan out to visit various birding spots in Chennai: each team consists of one expert and three novices, so that the new initiates get a chance to learn the finer points of bird watching from experts.

No prizes are awarded but at the end of the day the participants meet to discuss the ‘finds’ of the day and to regale each other with the encounters they had. Participants are encouraged to become ‘green birders’, that is, practise eco-friendly ways of birding, using public transport, cycle or walk to indulge in this hobby.

The event is going to be held on Jan 26 and last date for registration is Jan 21. The society has its offices at 8, Janaki Avenue, Abhirampuram. Ph: 24995833. To register, call president Sudhakar at 9962515479, or the secretary Vijay at 9840090875.

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