Coffee shop also gives away ‘fertiliser’

When you have a cup of authentic filter coffee at Sri Balaji Coffee, you can also pick up some fertiliser for your coconut trees or flowering plants. For, after filtering the decoction, the remaining powder in the filter is given away, free of cost, to interested people at this outlet.

Says Balaji, ‘ We filter the decoction just once, so the coffee tastes good. One time, a customer took away some of the residue to use as fertiliser. Word spread and we now do this as a routine service.’

‘Many customers refer friends and now I have a group of people who come every few days to pick up the powder. It works very well, especially on coconut trees, is what I hear’, he adds. The horticultural gardens on R. K. Salai is one of the regulars at the shop  for this residue.

The store stocks coffee beans, powder and decoction. You can mix and match the beans to get a blend of your taste or pick up a pre-made blend. Three variants – no chicory, 15% chicory, 25% chicory are offered.

You can also stop here on an afternoon and have a cup of filter coffee. Priced at Rs. 10, it is a good deal.

Balaji has a long association with coffee – he worked at Mysore at the coffee board there and also took training there to learn about coffee. He started this shop in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

Balaji has a team of boys who will deliver the powder and decoction to many places in the city – far and wide.

To get your coffee blend – or some fertiliser for your plants – call Balaji at 9884775457. At 29, Seethammal Road.


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