R. A. Puram residents relieved; Water gushes out of hand pumps

RA PURAM WATER WOESResidents of R. A. Puram are a relieved lot. Having struggled with shortage of water for more than 20 days, they finally see light at the end of the tunnel. Their water woes are now resolved. The managing director of CMWSSB (Metro Water) Vikram Kapur (seen in the picture) visited the area on March 5 to conduct an inspection of pits dug at 15 places in the R. A. Puram area and promised to restore supply to all the areas as soon as possible.

Dr. R. Chandrasekaran, a member of RAPRA (R. A. Puram Residents Association) says, “The residents of R.A.Puram wish to thank Mylapore Times for their extensive coverage and the excellent article by their correspondent on the water crisis situation at R. A. Puram. By constant representation and meetings by the  RAPRA members, especially women , normal supply was restored in most of the areas in R.A.Puram on Monday (March 7). In a few houses, water is now gushing out of the hand pumps”.