Summer camps in the neighbourhood…

Two groups will be conducting summer camps this month:
Oppilal School of Music and Natyaa Aaradhana are conducting a heritage and cultural
summer camp for children aged five and above from March 28 – April 15 and April 25 – May
13 at Abhiramapuram. Topics covered include yoga, dance, bhajans, story telling and
puppetry. Classes will be taken by Jayanthi Srivatsan. At 54, 3rd Street, Abhiramapuram. Ph: 9841129689.
A summer camp will be held for children aged 3 – 10 years at Dwarakamai Educational
Service Centre from Mar 26 – Apr 6 on all days except Sundays. Activities include
traditional games, story telling, kollatam and more. At 14, 2nd Link Street, C. I. T.
Colony, Mylapore. Ph: 9500144940.